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Homeopathy & Me

This is my story of how I found homeopathy and how it helped me, I would never be without it now.

When I was 34 I was driving along the Motorway and had some kind of attack of feeling suddenly unwell, we pulled off the motorway and I felt really poorly the whole day. Slowly on and off this started happening more and more, my heart would race to about 175 beats per minute, I'd sweat, I'd need the toilet, I'd need air, I would just panic, it seemed like panic attacks but I had never ever had anything like this so I couldn't quite believe it. 

I got rushed to a&e numerous times in an ambulance, sometimes doctors were waiting with medication to slow my heart. It was more horrid than I can ever, ever describe. 

I went on to see so many private specialists, A cardiologist, an endocrinologist, a gynaecologist (to check hormones), a psychiatrist, a CBT practitioner, general doctors.. The list goes on and not one person could find anything wrong with me yet I was by this point feeling poorly every single day, I didn't want to leave the house, not even for a walk, incase I collapsed or was sick etc, I hated it, it didn't seem like a life worth living at some moments. 

In desperation I posted my symptoms to the Arnica Facebook page and lots of people said "see a homeopath" I didn't have a CLUE what a homeopath was but I searched for one and I managed to see her the very next day. 

Homeopathy changed my life! 

I slowly started getting better, I was so impressed I chose to train as a homeopath and I've never looked back.  I am now fully better. I can live life and I want to help anyone struggling with their health be it in whatever form it might be. The help I've seen it do, is at times amazing. 

Homeopathy can help in so many ways 💖


My Interests

What Can be treated

My Interests

The Bowels 

I have particular interest in gut health, in Homeopathy we have remedies that are made from different bacteria in the gut and can really help with a range of problems, for example IBS, Crohn's, bloating, constipation but also emotional problems like anxiety and depression.  Gut health is massively important to overall health and I have witnessed truly amazing results with these remedies. 

That said I am not limited to any illness or condition, I love to track back to the beginning in order to restore good health.

I am open minded and non judgmental, I love treating everybody and get great pleasure in healing patients.


What Can be treated

What Can be treated

What Can be treated

No Limits

In homeopathy there really isn't a limit to what we can help with, I take into account the whole of you, looking at emotional, mental and physical characteristics.  Everyone is unique and individual which means that I may treat ten people with the same presenting complaint - for example headaches, but each of them will have the headache in their own unique way which is different to others.  Therefore, the remedy that each person gets prescribed may well be different than the other people.

Many people look to homeopathy as an option after many years of struggling with a complaint, and many wish they had come sooner! With it's gentle ways, and often long term healing its a really great form of treatment.

I regularly see wonderful healing that patients did not think was possible.